Easter Island Moai Read Theory Answers

Easter Island Moai Read Theory Answers. What really happened on easter island. Until the second half of the seventeenth century.

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Easter island statues, or moai. After this remote pacific island was settled by the polynesians, it remained isolated for centuries. How the statues made a situation worse:

Another Theory Claims That They Were Moved By Laying Them Down On Top Of A Wooden Platform, Which Was Then Used To.

Be notified when an answer is posted. Easter island is well known. Two opposing views about the rapanui people:

It Is A Unesco World Heritage Site, And The Majority Of The The Island Is Covered By A National Park.

1 the great wall, china a temple 2 the moai, easter island a system of defence 3 the parthenon, greece tombs or burial chambers 4 the pyramids, egypt sculptures reading 2 read the article and answer the following questions. One of south america’s mysteries is easter island. B the moai are an integral part of the island’s tourist industry.

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The popular known history of easter island — that deforestation brought about its demise — is not generally accepted. The indigenous people of easter island, the rapa nui, experienced a societal collapse after the 17th century because they stripped the island clean of its natural resources. Vi two opposing views about the rapanui people.

Like Many Other Items That We Find Scattered Across The Earth, The Origins And The Format Of These Amazing Monolithic Figurines Is Something Of Great Debate.

4, in the passage, we learn that some people refer to the sculptures as moai while others call them the easter island heads. using information in the passage, the reader can infer that this difference comes as a result of the They found a mountainous green land. Iii the future of the moai statues.

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A theory which supports a local belief: Easter island is famous for its stone statues of human figures, known as moai (meaning “statue”). After this remote pacific island was settled by the polynesians, it remained isolated for centuries.